Baggin' Broads is a community for fun ladies who love the game of cornhole, and enjoy access to content specifically geared to women who throw bags (and the men who love us). A supportive, no judgement zone...a place where there are no such thing as stupid questions!

The Baggin' Broads Podcast


Baggin' Broads is a community for fun ladies who love the game of cornhole, and enjoy access to content specifically geared to women who throw bags (and the men who love us). A supportive, no judgement zone...a place where there are no such thing as stupid questions!

The Baggin' Broads Team

Baggin' Broads is led by Whitney Ingram and a team of 10 consultants representing markets across the country.

Whitney Ingram, Founder & CEO, Maryland

Whitney is a graduate of the College of Charleston, S.C., has a Master's degree in education.

Whitney lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband, Bobby, and their 3 young daughters. Bobby became an avid Cornhole player a few years ago. Whitney would help him practice outside at their home and she quickly became equally as addicted as he was to the sport. Now they play cornhole 7 days a week and are constantly trying to learn new strategies to improve their game.

After attending her first tournament, Whitney was shocked to realize how few resources are out there dedicated to female players from levels beginner to competitive. Everything she could find (blogs, articles, podcasts) seemed to be geared more toward advanced to pro level women, or men of any level. This is where the idea for Baggin’ Broads first emerged. Whitney was determined to create a unique and engaged community serving all women with a love for the game. Whitney hopes that by growing this business, more women will feel comfortable and eager to play, and female presence within the sport will soar!

“Some women wear stilettos. Some women throw air mails. I like to do both. There’s never just one right way.”

Amanda Lea Kowalski, Washington


Amanda is a southern raised stay at home mom of three girls, two step and one bio. Ranch and backwoods grown, Amanda developed a love for the outdoors at a very early age, and plans to start back into rodeo very soon.

She parted ways with her daugther (Jordynne’s) father after 11 years in 2018. 2018 is also the year she met the love of her life Cody, and his two daughters Carsyn and Cora. Cody became a Cornhole player as a hobby in 2019 and lured Amanda into the addiction. They play frequently in tournaments and play doubles as often as they can.

Amanda had to take some time off from the game to have double carpal tunnel surgery late 2020 and has since had to relearn how to throw! 2021 promises to be a good tournament year, and she looks forward to growing and learning in the sport!

"When the guys say I throw like a girl, I smile and say thank you. I let the scoreboard do my talking."

Brooke Newvahner, Colorado


Brooke lives in Greeley, CO with her husband Don, and 2 kiddos - a 6 year old daughter and a 3.5 year old son. Brooke dove into the world of cornhole when she and her husband started their cornhole company, Colorado Cornhole Connection in 2015. They figured if they were going to be making boards and running tournaments, they needed to be better at the game that is their life. As the company began to grow, so did her love for the game, and more importantly the community that came with it.

Brooke is co-owner, lead graphic/web designer for CCC. On Tuesday nights, she can be found running their league (Rocky Mountain Cornhole). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, and having get togethers revolving around food, friends, and cornhole. Brooke is excited to work with Baggin Broads to continue to grow the sport and get more women involved!

“Cornhole is more than just bags and boards; it’s a community, a hobby and pastime, a passion; it’s life.”

Candy Laflam, Massachusetts


Candy is a successful entrepreneur who has owner her own business for over 19 years. Candy lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts with her long time boyfriend, Chris and daughter, Carmen.

Candy became interested in cornhole to support her boyfriend who suffers from severe anxiety. Her boyfriend was part of a league but had a hard time attending due to panic attacks associated with his anxiety. Candy started playing cornhole so she could accompany him and offer support. Like many others, the cornhole bug bit Candy and she became addicted! In less than a year, Candy started playing in local tourneys and placed in a few.

Candy is excited for this venture with Baggin Broads so that she can represent women, feed her addiction and promote cornhole in general. Shout out to 413 cornhole (candy’s awesome weekly league).

Courtney Brazeal, Arkansas


Courtney is 32 and a stay at home mom of 5 kiddos (3 girls & 2 boys), 4 of which are bio and one bonus daughter! She goes to college full time and is getting her associates in criminal justice and will be starting her bachelors in sociology. She’s a southern girl born and raised and has always loved being competitive.

Courtney and her boyfriend began to play Cornhole together in May of 2020 and started playing around the house with friends and family, then in June of 2020 they went to their first tournament and have been addicted since.

She LOVES her weekly league 501 Cornhole! She plays every Thursday, sometimes on Tuesday and anytime there is a tournament on a weekend. It is hard to find time to play everyday with the kiddos but she’s excited to continue to learn new etricks and continue to grow in the sport!

"I love to be underestimated, it drives me to throw better and show them I can throw too."

Kristin Keiser, Oregon


Kristin was born and raised in Eugene, OR, she left with a scholarship to University Louisana of Layfette playing division 1 soccer, where she majored in kinesiology. After leaving Louisiana she moved to Lakeview, Ohio where she worked as the Graphic Designer, IT Tech and web designer.

In 2011, she had two life changing events, the happiest day, when her son (Payton) was born, followed by being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was devastating. In 2015, Kristin moved home to Eugene, where her family was, and met Nash Langeliers, her fiancée, the partner she never knew she needed. In 2019, they played cornhole for the first time at her neighbor’s house, and they were hooked. After being diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, the progression of the disease has inhibited her ability to play sports, to run, jog, and sometimes even walk… but cornhole didn't require any of that from her!

Cornhole has given Kristin a way to compete like she always had in the past .It filled a void that she thought she could never fill. Kristin practiced and played in tournaments with her fiancée every opportunity she had to. She even began traveling the Northwest in search of cornhole. In 2019, Kristin joined the ACL and Nash became a local, then regional director.

Kristin was ranked 2nd in the state of Oregon, during the ACL 2019/2020 season. At the Oregon State Tournament/Northwest Showdown, Kristin and her partner Betty Maxwell took 3rd in competitive and 2nd in Women's Doubles. August of 2020, She flew across the country to South Carolina for the Pro Qualifier, which didn't go as hoped but humbled her to play with other women. There she noticed twice as many girls watching as those playing, and wondered why.

She understood it's intimidating for women to enter a man's club, but she has met amazing people that turned into close friends through cornhole and encourages females to try cornhole, knowing it can become more than a game. Kristin is beyond excited to be working with Baggin Broads, to help grow the game and make it more known and welcoming women.

"With a wardrobe of confidence and 4 bags, anything can happen."

McKell Littlefield, Wyoming


McKell lives in a small rural town of Kemmerer, Wyoming, (home of the first J.C. Penny's Mother Store) with her husband, Nick, and little boy of 3 yrs old, she also has a step daughter 16 and step son that is 12. She loves to take every opportunity to spend time with her family and friends. McKell is a stay at home mom of her 3 year old son, she also the owner of her small business ML Minky out of her home, making custom minky blankets and seamstress.

McKell enjoys the outdoors when it is not freezing temperatures and Wyoming hurricane winds, she loves camping and taking every moment she can to travel, explore and have an adventure while making memories with her family.

She has always enjoyed playing cornhole just in backyards with friends, and up camping the last couple years, her husband crafted together a set of boards to enjoy camping and in their own time. Her husband recently started going to tournaments in their home town, and he encouraged McKell to start  coming, she since has been to two tournaments, McKell really enjoys the fun even though she is a very novice player but She hopes to work on her cornhole technique and master her game while encouraging other women to enjoy this growing sport.

"One more practice throw, it will be better than the last."

Michelle Thompson, California


Michelle is an author, speaker, and food psychology expert with a Masters in Human Behavior and a soon to be completed PhD in Psychology. When Michelle is not in the backyard throwing bags she loves to appear on news segments, stages, and podcasts helping women ditch diets permanently and enjoy the pleasures of life in bodies they love

As a way to detach from being a boss mom and connect with her community she started throwing bags with her husband and friends and quickly fell in love with the game. You can now find her hanging out with her husband, 6-year old son, and 3 Pitbulls in the backyard playing cornhole on weekdays and looking for local tournaments on the weekends.

"When I am throwing bags I am directing my relentless ambition and drive towards something that deepens my connection and community, and I will always be fulfilled in that place."

Nicole Pratt, Ohio


Nicole lives in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with her boyfriend, Timmy Jonas, and their 2 dogs. Nicole used to be a gymnast for Strongsville High School, where she graduated from in 2015. She attended Cuyahoga Community College and currently works at the Cleveland Clinic as a work from home Authorization Representative.

They started playing in the Cleveland Cornhole League in late 2018. The first tournament they traveled to was the National College Cornhole Championship held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2018. Timmy made ESPN, placing 2nd, and cornhole has been part of their daily lives ever since. Nicole spends her evenings playing in cornhole leagues and attending blind draws. She also spends her time documenting and running Timmy’s social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She is working on starting her cornhole photography portfolio as well.

You can find Nicole traveling all over the country to the ACL Pro Nationals to watch Timmy compete with the top pros. Nicole describes  cornhole as a way to fulfill the competitive drive that she’s always had. As a women’s intermediate player, she hopes to help other women find their passion for the game like she found hers.

“Wine drinker with a cornhole problem.”

Sheila Roy, New Hampshire


One summer morning, she was visiting her little brother at the lake, about 40 minutes from her house, when they noticed the neighbors playing a game. They told us it was cornhole. What a funny name for a game, but it looked like fun. Since they had no other plans for the day, the siblings decided to build their first set of boards and picked up some corn filled bags. That made sense at the time.

The following weekend some friends were invited over to play and that was the beginning of cornhole fever. However, in New Hampshire, there is a limited outdoor playing season. They could throw outdoors from April to November and then have to pack them up until the following year. For the first few years, she would go to her brother’s house a couple times a month and a group of them would throw late into the night.

In order to throw year round, she was able to get connected with a couple leagues closer to her house. Like most people starting out, she was working on several aspects of the game. By now she had discovered a double sided Beer Belly bags and continued to work on her grip and stance; to step or not to step. Not knowing anyone there didn’t deter her from signing up for the blind draw. Though she could hear the sighs and comments when one of the good throwers realized they got a girl for a partner.

She had always had a competitive nature and was determined to improve. For the past few years she has now been playing with several local groups and won or placed in many tournaments. In July 2019, the American Cornhole League (ACL) hosted a National event at Mohegan Sun. By then, she was ready to step outside of her comfort zone yet again to compete against people from across the country. During that event, she competed in Women’s Doubles, Competitive Doubles (finished 5th). Though she was nervous hell, she signed up for the Advanced Blind Draw. She was partnered with an ACL Pro from Texas. She just hoped she wouldn’t let him down. After going 2 and 2, beating a couple all pro teams. She was more encouraged than ever to continue. Weeks later the Pro asked her to partner with him in the Mixed Doubles competition at the World Championship event.

The following ACL season, she attended the National events and continued to work on her game. In September 2020, she signed on as an ACL Pro for the 2020/2021 season and is using her platform to introduce more people to play with an ‘Intro to Cornhole’ event, which was supported by young players she refers to as ‘youth mentors. She also started a ‘Ladies Night’ event which has turned into a Ladies League which includes skill building drills such as playing on skinny boards.

She is an advocate for the game and encourages people of all ages to play.

Teri Tangman, Illinois


Teri is currently a kitchen manager at a local restaurant and a very proud momma of 2, step mom of 2 and a mimi to 4 beautiful grandkids. Teri has been playing bags for about 5 years now thanks to her son in law who challenged her and her husband to beat him one Sunday afternoon. Course he had been playing for a year or so, so he walked that faithful day. He smoked us and we decided that wasn't going to happen again.

We started practicing in the back yard first and one day my son in law talked us into our first blind draw. That ended horribly for my partner but it gave me drive. Even with the frustration she had every Friday night with every loss, she kept at it. Practicing and playing. Teri is glad to say that when we draw chips, the good players come and check her numbers now instead of rolling their eyes when they get her as a partner. Teri still has a long way to go in her game but has a lot of support behind her.

"I always tell the new girls that come out, just to break the ice, awkward stiffy's are an awesome defense."