Review of BG’s “Viking”

My go-to bags have been Reynolds ProX and PA for a while now — I’m not a big fan of suede and I love Reynolds carpet side. I throw too low and hard for the “fast and faster” bags so many baggers seem to love these days. In any case, I heard BG’s new bags had a carpet side so decided to give them a shot. Here’s what I found…
The BG Vikings came out the box feeling good but I wanted to break them in quickly and hadn’t yet tried the boil method so I gave it a shot. I boiled them real quick with fabric softener, washed them, then into the dryer for about an hour. Damn these things are nice! (Side note: I’m not scared to try boiling new bags again honestly, it worked that well.) The fabrics on the Vikings are super soft feeling and flexible; they feel high-quality, thick and strong and the stitching appears to be top notch. I agree with those who’ve said they play and feel like the Reynolds Pro-Advantages although there are some differences.
I feel like BG’s carpet (which is supposedly the same on the Viking and their other new bag, the Mercenary)  is just a teeny-tiny bit faster than Reynolds carpet. This could also be because these don’t have the dirt and grime my ProX and PA bags have gained over the many games played, so I won’t be surprised if my Vikings slow down as they get continued use.
I found the fast side is nearly identical to the Pro-Advantage material. They feel slightly smaller than my PA’s from corner to corner, but I didn’t actually measure that to confirm.
They were very loose feeling after the sped up break in process and they drip into the hole very well.
The plastic resin fill is killer — probably my favorite aspect of these bags! It is way better than the other BG bags I have thrown in the past. The pellets feel small, uniform and perfectly round. It is truly a perfect match for the size and speed of this bag. I’ve honestly never been a big BG fan, but these things are straight fire and are easily one of my top 3 bags now. I can only assume the Mercenary bags are also awesome, and can’t wait to throw them! Well done BG — very well done!