Reviewing Blackjack’s “High Stakes” Bag

One of two bags that the popular and innovative creators of Blackjack Cornhole released with the expert help of Reynolds Bags has been sitting under the radar for months now. If you love Reynolds Bags template but seek out Ultra Cornhole and their “X” slow side, Blackjack Cornhole has designed a bag just for you. The High Stakes Spade series pairs a reverse suede material on the slow side with one of the most popular fast materials out there, which results in a bag that really performs! This series has become a popular choice for many baggers that look for something different than carpet or regular suede on the slow side of their bags.

Beginning with that slow side; the reverse suede of these bags matches with the popular “X” choice in Ultra’s lineup. It is most certainly faster than a regular suede, and also plays faster than any carpet materials out there. This side starts out more stiff than carpet and has a totally different feel in the hand. It resembles a flat, thick, almost old school tent-like canvas feel without any texture. It is smooth to the touch but it doesn’t slide up the board too fast to be labeled a true slick side. I find it is most controllable in slightly humid conditions but does not kick or turn much unless you try to move it left or right. This bag should stay true to it’s line for most throwers. Even after break-in this textile holds it’s shape and does not get overly floppy. Don’t take that as a weakness for the bag though, because this fabric will still flex and fall into the hole just fine.  Now, the reason for that feature may have a lot to do with it’s pairing on the fast side.

The Spade series features Reynolds Excel material that is the headliner on the Reynolds Excel and ProX bags already. This fabric, as most already know, is quick, smooth, and slinky, keeping with any competitors out in the market. If you haven’t had this in hand before, it is comparable to the AllCornhole GameChanger material that so many players adore. Baggers that love a fast bag and have a higher lofted throw will have no problem getting the Spade series to sneak around bags. You can easily push through any blockers that impede your line to the hole on the fast side. If you’re a person simply looking for numbers I would place the Spade series at a 5 or 5.5 on the slow side and a 8.5 or 9 on the fast side.

Being that this bag is made by Reynolds it follows that same template as stated before. It has the more rounded corners, unlike AllCornhole or Ultra bags, and has a small to medium top closing with the typical zig-zag closing stitch. The side stitching is top quality as well. The bag is slightly chubby in hand following suit with it’s Reynolds counterparts, and the fill is identical to the company’s other bags. This means the plastic pellet fill is smaller and non-uniform, with some round, some kind of flat, and even what feels like tiny cylindrical shapes resulting in a high quality mix.

I don’t find that this bag can do a lot of curve shots or rollovers, but it can certainly control the board. With it’s weight and ability to hold shape it can lay a solid block, as well as bully bags out of the way while sliding into the hole for all the points you need to win. All in all, if you want a unique bag to go hole for hole with your competition, this could be a bag for you. Get your money on the table and get ready to play for High Stakes with the Spade series bags! It is no coincidence that Blackjack and cornhole are both played to 21!