What an Amazing Week in Rock Hill!

By Trevor Morris | Aug 11, 2020

What a week. Great venue, amazing tournaments ran all week long, and great company! Started the week in the best way possible. Wednesday I ended up getting 3rd in the Director Blind draw. Lost game 2, and made a deep run, ended up beating the team we lost to, and finished behind 2 great teams. Read more…

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Results from 2020 ACL “Championship of Bags” in Rock Hill, SC

By Greg Barr | Aug 10, 2020

The ACL paid out over $256,000 in prize money at their final event of the heavily Covid-affected 2019-2020 season. Here’s how it went and who won! ACL Man and Woman of the Year Jamie Graham and Maya Cup were each awarded $5,000 as the Man of the Year and Woman of the Year. WCO World Cup Read more…

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Welcome to “Cornhole Tik Tok”

By Greg Barr | Jul 26, 2020

If you don’t know TikTok, ask your kids. It’s a social media platform that consists exclusively of very short (one minute max) video clips. You can learn more here, (and about some controversy here), but all you really need to know is it’s insanely popular with over 120 million users in America and over 800 Read more…

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Getting Inside the Head of the Cornhole Community: Playing Habits, Favorite Bags and More!

By Greg Barr | Jul 19, 2020

A week ago we conducted a survey of cornhole players, and are excited to share the results! About the Survey The survey, which we ran with SurveyMonkey, went live on July 12. We promoted the survey via our own Facebook page (~7,000 fans) and the popular Facebook group Addicted to Cornhole (~11,000 members). We encouraged Read more…

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The Business of Selling Cornhole Bags and Boards: Direct, Wholesale and Retail

By Greg Barr | Jul 18, 2020

The demand for cornhole bags, boards and other products has been booming lately, along with the game itself. Established players are struggling to keep up, along with the new players who are cropping up all the time. Cornhole bags are fairly easy to make — sew together some fabric and fill with plastic pellets. And Read more…

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How to Build Competition-Grade Cornhole Boards

By Greg Barr | Jul 12, 2020

One of the most common things people think when they first discover the great game of cornhole is “This is great…and I could build my own set!” and it’s true! I’ve built dozens of sets by hand myself, bought a handful from a variety of builders, helped friends repair/upgrade boards they built or bought, and Read more…

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Introducing SocialDistanceHolio!

By Greg Barr | Apr 1, 2020

We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked with Scoreholio, the #1 innovators in cornhole, to develop a revolutionary system that will allow a safe return to real-live in-person cornhole — introducing SocialDistanceHolio! We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked with our partners Scoreholio, the #1 app in cornole, to develop a truly game-changing system that Read more…

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Welcome to the Age of Virtual Cornhole

By Greg Barr | Mar 29, 2020

The cancellation of cornhole leagues and tournaments due to the Coronavirus-driven shutdown has led to a rush of efforts designed to let cornhole players compete against real competition, for real prizes, in virtual tournaments. Here we’ll break down a few of the options we’ve learned about. If you know of any other, let us know! Read more…

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How to Run a Virtual Tournament with Streamholio

By Ben Budhu | Mar 21, 2020

With all kinds of rec sports tournaments cancelled and players stuck at home, league organizers and tournament directors have been scrambling to come up with online ways to satisfy their players’ desire to play against real competition.

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How to Play in a Streamholio Tournament

By Greg Barr | Mar 19, 2020

Welcome to Scoreholio Live, the best way to keep your edge by playing against
real competition, all across the country, in real time! Here’s how it works…

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Way to go, West Branch Cornhole!

By Ben Budhu | Mar 3, 2020

The most gratifying thing about running Scoreholio is hearing how we help make life easier for those who use cornhole to build community and camaraderie with leagues and weekly blind draws. I thought this note from Jim Psik who runs West Branch Cornhole in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was not only super nice but does a great job of explaining the value of Scoreholio in the words of a user.

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Gather Your Squad and Throw Down with Squadholio

By Greg Barr | Feb 5, 2020

Cornhole and other bar sports are almost always played between two individuals or 2-person teams, but Scoreholio now gives tournament directors and league administrators the ability to combine people and teams into “squads” that take each other on in a battle for supremacy. It’s a fun format that can turn individually-oriented games into collective competitions that generate great camaraderie and community, and we’re calling it “Squadholio.”

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Happy Birthday, Switcholio!

By Greg Barr | Jan 18, 2020

Last night I ran my 54th Switcholio tournament at Hapa’s Brewing Company in San Jose as the weekly blind draw of Silicon Valley Cornhole, a club I founded 2 years ago. That represents a full year of Switcholio, because on Wednesday January 16, 2019 I ran the first Switcholio tournament…in the world…EVER! The anniversary inspired me to look back at the inception of the idea and the amazing way it’s grown and impacted how cornhole is played across the country.

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How to Use SPR+ to Figure out SPR Impact

By Ben Budhu | Dec 17, 2019

Before every game, Scoreholio predicts what will happen based on both players’ or teams’ Scoreholio Player Ratings. If that does happen, both teams move up or down very little. If something unexpected happens like a lower rated upsetting somebody, or a team that’s supposed to squeak blowing somebody out, you’ll see much bigger swings in SPR. SPR+ allows all of you to dig into the stats for every game you play on the system. Remember to click on the Profile Settings on the top right, there you can edit your name or your club/crew you play for. We have lots more awesome features coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Meet the World’s Best Cornhole Player Profile: SPR+

By Greg Barr | Dec 3, 2019

There’s no other system that does a better job of quantifying cornhole players’ skill level and ranking them than the SPR system we’ve been beta testing for a few months…bar none! But if you know us, you know that’s not good enough. We’ve tweaked and tuned the algorithm behind SPR, addressed lots of concerns that came up, listened to what YOU wanted out of an upgraded player experience, ad have come up with something we really think you’re going to like.

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Helping Santa Clarita Heal Through Cornhole

By Ben Budhu | Nov 18, 2019

Last week my home town of Santa Clarita experienced a school shooting that took two young lives, seriously injured three more, and deeply affected every one of us who live here and love this town. I now know first-hand the trauma of needing to get your family together, safe, while begrudgingly respecting the need to lock schools down, shelter in place and let law enforcement do their job, and I wouldn’t wish that experience and helpless feeling on anybody.
I also, through cornhole, now know the gratifying feeling of helping the community you love come together to heal and support the victims of something like this.

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Comparing Brackelope and Scoreholio

By Greg Barr | Oct 17, 2019

Brackelope is a simple yet capable iOS app that lets you generate and run tournament brackets. Scoreholio lets you create brackets too, but that’s just one feature of many. Scoreholio is a full-featured tournament automation solution that makes life easier for tournament directors, offers up a wider variety of formats to meet the needs of different kinds of events and leagues, and makes events more fun and interactive for players and spectators onsite and around the world.

The post Comparing Brackelope and Scoreholio appeared first on Scoreholio.

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How to Promote Cornhole Tournaments

By Greg Barr | Sep 23, 2019

Before reading this, you might want to check out our guide to setting up your club or league’s Facebook presence. If not, carry on! The first step to effectively promoting your cornhole tournament is creating a Facebook “event” for it. You can add or update information over time to let people who RSVP or express Read more…

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Establishing an Online Presence for your Cornhole Organization

By Greg Barr | Apr 6, 2019

TL:DR; Depending on your goals you’ll want to create a Facebook “group” for your club, a Facebook “page,” or both. Here’s the difference according to Facebook ,and I’ll explain the pros and cons of each myself below. While building out our club directory and event calendar, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly Read more…

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Why’s it so hard to find quality cornhole?!?

By Greg Barr | Dec 28, 2018

Cornhole Central founder Greg Barr plays in a fair number of cornhole tournaments, including the weekly blind draw he runs and occassional tournaments across northern California. Greg’s a social guy, and while chatting up fellow players he heard the same complaint over and over: “Why is it so damn hard to find quality cornhole?!?” Some Read more…

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Brews & Reviews 8: Ace Cornhole Bags

Jul 6, 2020

Watch as we test run Canada’s very own Ace Cornhole bags, the Speeds, All Ins and Smooths, and beer from Ventura Coast.


Brews & Reviews 7: Oktane Bags

Feb 21, 2020

See us review Canada’s very own Oktane Cornhole Bags at Topa Topa Brewery.


Brews & Reviews 6: Fan Bags Boards

Feb 12, 2020

Check out Fan Bags interchangeable boards.


Brews & Reviews #5: West Georgia Cornhole

Jan 10, 2020

We are reviewing West Georgia Cornhole’s bags and you know drinking some fine beer from Brewyard in Glendale Ca. at the same time!


Doghouse Cornhole Dogcast #42; Episode 42 COBS Preview With Jeff Bachand!!

Aug 3, 2020

Brendan and Donny get their old buddy ACL Pro Jeff Bachand to join the show and talk about COBS! We Read more…

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Doghouse Cornhole Dogcast #41; Episode 41 With Whittney Martinez -Cornhole Tik Tok Queen!!

Jul 27, 2020

Brendan admits he is wrong about the ACL bag policy?!?!?! Donny has longs for the days of Jeff Bachand…..and the Read more…

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Doghouse Cornhole Dogcast #40; Episode 40- ACL NEWS Recap!!!

Jul 20, 2020

Donny and Brendan recap their feelings on the new ACL changes and it’s effect on the Cornhole community. Doghouse Cornhole Read more…

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Doghouse Cornhole Dogcast #39; Ep 39 With The Hardeeville Boys! Chris Pittman And Hunter Yaklin

Jul 14, 2020

Donny and Brendan debate the flop shot, The ACL, and then the boys from Hardeeville join the show and tell Read more…

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My bag collection! 😍

Aug 9, 2020

#cornhole @whittmart My bag collection! 😍 #cornhole ♬ Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like) (feat. Toby Mac) – Grits

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Pushing/collecting some bags. Shoutout to Port City Baggers!

Aug 6, 2020

#cornhole #fyp #foryou #foryoupage @whittmart Pushing/collecting some bags. Shoutout to Port City Baggers! #cornhole #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Up Down Read more…

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Bags I Love 🖤

Aug 5, 2020

#cornhole #fyp #foryou #foryoupage @whittmart 🖤 #cornhole #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

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Now you know.

Aug 4, 2020

#cornhole #cornholetiktok #fyp #foryou #foryoupage @whittmart Now you know. #cornhole #cornholetiktok #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Backyard Boy – Claire Rosinkranz

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