All Midwest

These are all of the cornhole clubs and leagues we're aware of. If you see one you know isn't active anymore, or know of one that's missing please let us know! If you run one and it's missing, please add it yourself so you can make it your own and keep it up to date.

Don't see your favorite cornhole organization in the Midwest? Add it!

    Saint Paul Cornhole

    Kansas City Cornhole League

    River City Baggers

    614 Cornhole

    Southeast Michigan Cornhole

    Rubber City Cornhole

    Southwest Minnesota Cornhole

    South Dakota Cornhole

    Hwy 218 Cornhole

    Chanute Cornhole Club

    319 Cornhole

    Midwest Baggers

    Kountry Kornhole

    Akron Canton Cornhole

    NWI Baggers

    Southern Wisconsin Cornhole/Bag Toss Community

    Ohio River Cornhole

    Indiana Cornhole

    Heartland Cornhole

    Mid Michigan Baggers

    Rhino Cornhole of West Michigan

    Bagabond Cornhole

    Central Wisconsin Cornhole

    The Afterletes

    636 Cornhole

    North Dakota Cornhole

    Minot Area Cornhole (Game Day Games)

    Backwoods Cornhole League

    ACO Indiana Cornhole

    Goon Squad Cornhole

    Local Baggers 309

    Crow River Cornhole

    Mankato Area Cornhole

    Go-In Cornhole

    Triple Crown Cornhole

    Stark County Cornhole

    Platte Valley Cornholers aka Central Nebraska Cornhole

    Dardenne Prairie Cornhole Club

    Toledo Area Cornhole Association

    Indy Custom Cornhole

    Sturgis Eagles Cornhole

    Big River Baggers

    North Country Baggers

    260 Baggers

    Throwdown Cornhole

    North Iowa Baggers

    Nebraska Cornhole League

    West Michigan Cornhole

    Columbus Cornhole Players

    Them Guys Cornhole

    Brat City Baggers

    812 Cornhole – Jennings County

    Coulee Region Cornhole

    IKI Tri-State Cornhole

    Sons of Pitches Cornhole

    55 Below Cornhole

    Lake County Baggers

    Semper Fi Cornhole

    Bootheel Baggers

    Beer City Cornhole League

    Central Missouri Cornhole League

    Golden Sands Cornhole

    330 Cornhole

    Missouri Cornhole Association

    The Doghouse Cornhole

    Pappy’s Sunshine Games

    Soo Cornhole

    317 Cornhole Indianapolis

    Springfield Cornhole

    Rivers EDGE Cornhole

    Apple River Cornhole

    Black Hills Cornhole Association

    Soy City Baggers