Cornhole Comic Strips comic "strip" since there's only one we know about so far, but if you know of another or want to create one, let us know!


Moose Knuckle & Friends is a PG-13 comic strip for baggers who like inside jokes, featuring a crew of characters who'll do their best to generate giggles, OMGs and guffaws by combining some admittedly risque terms with happenings in the world of cornhole.

Moose Knuckle & Friends #3

Moose’s girl Camel Toe turns heads when she shows up at the blind draw, but leave her alone — she’s here to throw bags!

Moose Knuckle & Friends #2

A couple cornholers can’t quite get on board with Spread Eagle’s tendency to go past the line when he throws.

Moose Knuckle and Friends #1

In this first installment, meet Moose Knuckle, the leading man of cornhole’s first comic strip! We can’t wait to introduce you to his girlfriend and pals, and see what kind of cornhole-related shenanigans they get into!