As part of our mission to be the most informative and entertaining source of news and views in cornhole, we'd like to give YOU the opportunity to share your unique knowledge and perspective with our readers as a guest blogger or vlogger.

Why join the Cornhole Central team as a contributor of content?

  1. Cornhole Central is the most heavily-trafficked independent cornhole site in the world.
  2. Our editor-in-chief has decades of experience helping people crank out kickass content and hone their writing skills.
  3. We'll work with you to turn drafts or outlines into polished articles people will enjoy reading and learn from.

Things You Can Write About

  • Product reviews and recommendations (bags, boards, accessories, etc.)
  • Tips and tricks on how to make different throws, deal with mental sides of the game, etc.
  • Recap a tournament you just played in, whether a big ACL/ACO deal or a charity fundraiser
  • Brag about something special you do in your league or tournaments
  • Show off trick shots and explain how to do them

Interested or want to learn more?

If you want to grow as a writer and have cornhole aficionados around the world see your work, apply to contribute to our site as a guest blogger, bag reviewer, or whatever floats your boat.

Note that our editor in chief has a few decades of experience as a professional writer and editor, so if you've got the desire to write and an interesting point of view we can help shape your ideas into articles people will love!
Could be bag reviews, tips on beginning your cornhole journey, becoming the best player you can be, running a kickass league or tournaments, or something else entirely! Be creative!