Review of the Draggin’ Bags DNA

Although the Draggin Bags DNA has been on the market for a while, I feel like it is time someone brought it back for a proper review.

Draggin’ Bags DNA, the first bag in the Genetic series, is a sort of mutation between Ultra’s Widow, Reynold’s ProAdvantage, and a dash of AllCornhole’s AllSlide. Confused yet? Don’t worry, I’ll explain…
First, the slower DNA side features the “Genetic” material. This was originally described to me as a carpet-like feel, but I find it to be a notch faster than Reynolds carpet and not quite the same texture. I would say it plays about the same speed as the Widow dotted side, so that is where that comparison comes in. The Draggin material on the faster side is definitely similar to the Reynolds Advantage material and plays true as a slick side without being too fast or uncontrollable.

The DNA bag on both sides carries little to no kick, so even a non-flat bag thrower should have no problem keeping it relatively straight. This is not a stick and slick bag, but also not a fast-fast bag. It’s about medium on both sides. I would consider it a 5 to 5.5 on slow side and a 6.5 to 7 on the fast side. If you’re into a “stop and go” bag or a “fast and faster” bag, this won’t really fit that mold. The fabrics are SOFT in feeling, so that’s again where I compare it to the PA.

Here is the curveball… Size wise, in my hand, it actually resembles an AllSlide. Not in speed or fabrics necessarily, just size. This is because it’s not as rounded and measures corner to corner a touch larger than my Reynolds or Widows bags. It falls in the hole similar to an AllSlide and the overall floppyness/flex of the bag follows an AllCornhole pattern but happens to be a little bit chubbier.

The resin is on the small size and is mostly rounded, again matching AllCornhole in my opinion. The resin fill is important to the overall bag feel and this bag does pass the test. The stitching is on point and the closing seam is medium in length.
Lastly, the style and print on the DNA bags is sick. I have the orange coloration and it catches people’s attention and stands out on a crowded table of bags! It is one of the coolest looking, best colored, “stock” bags you will find on the market.

The BagSmith, Mad-E King, turned mad scientist and took some molecules from three important and popular bags and created another board beast with the Draggin Bags DNA! 🐉🔥