From "airmail" to "slider" and everything in between, these are just some of the terms you're likely to hear around a cornhole court!

We know "ultimate" is a bit premature, but with your help we'll get there. See that little form over there?
Add your favorite cornhole terms and catchphrases and let's do this!

  • Airmail
    When you throw the bag straight through the hole.
  • Blocker
    When you land a bag in the middle of the board in an attempt to keep your opponent from sliding the bag into the hole.
  • Court
    A set of two cornhole boards set up 27 feet from edge to edge, ready for a game!
  • Dirty Bag
    When the bag lands on the floor without touching the board.
  • Drag
    When you pull a bag that's sitting on the board into the hole with another bag, whether a slider or an airmail.
  • Foul Line
    The front edge of the board is the foul line. When throwing the bag you need to release it before your foot touches the ground in front of the foul line.
  • Four Bagger
    When you get all four bags in the hole in a frame.
  • Lane
    One of the two sides of a cornhole court.
  • Pitcher's Box
    The space beside a board from which you must throw the bag. It extends the length of the board, and 3 feet from its edge. At least one part of one foot must be within the pitcher's box when you release the bag.
  • Push
    When you push one bag that's on the board into the hole with a slider.
  • Scoreholio
    An app that makes cornhole more fun by automating round robin play and providing interactive scoreboards and a dashboard for real-time scoring.
  • Slider
    When you land the bag on the board in such a way that it slides into the hole.

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