How to Throw the Rollover Shot

In this video, WashedUpWarrior demonstrats and explains how to throw the rollover shot that’ll have people saying it was dumb luck — until you do it to ’em again!


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Today we’re gonna talk about a unique and effective shot called the rollover shot. We need a set of boards, four bags, two each of different colors.

First we need to get the scenario set up to see why and when we should use the rollover shot. We’ll simulate that our opponent has laid down two effective blockers, sticky side down, covering the entire front of the hole.

Our aiming point for an effective rollover bag is anywhere from the base of the opponent’s bags to about 3″ back. The key to an effective roll shot is a little bit of a slower rotation with your bag, sticky side down, and you want it come in tilted down, angled forward, nose down, so it can trip itself, and go in.

In order for me to get that downward trajectory and bag position in flight, I need to tilt my wrist a little bit forward, and when I come out and release the bag, I release it a little bit earlier in my throw and take off some of the spin so it has a slower rotation. I’m mindful that I’m not throwing it as hard as I would on a push shot. I’m taking the rotation off, and I’m taking a lot of the strength off of the push.

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