LevelUp: Cornhole Classifications from Beginner to Hall of Famer

LevelUp Cornhole Classifications is a fun and easy way to see where you stand among baggers across the country and around the world!

Level Up utilizes a "ghost" format where you play by yourself against an imaginary opponent who scores a fixed amount of points in every frame. Unlike most ghost games, in LevelUp play you throw eight bags -- four from each side -- instead of the customary four. That means there are 24 points possible in every frame.

Say you decide to play against a 12-point ghost. If in the first frame you put 4 in the hole and 4 on the board for 16, you go up 4-0. But if you lose focus and only manage to get 6 bags on the board in the following frame, that 12 point ghost scores 6 on you and goes up 6-4. First to 21 -- you or the ghost -- wins the game!

Many get enamored with the ability to score up to 24 points a frame, but don't get cocky because LevelUp ghosts get downright nasty.  If you're playing a 20 point ghost, you need to put 6 of 8 bags in the hole, and the other 2 on...just to push! So to win you need to be putting 7 or 8 in the hole more often than not.

Are you ready to LevelUp?

It's easy-peasy to get started:

  1. Join the private Facebook group
  2. Live stream your game in the group, announcing what level ghost you'll be trying to take down.
  3. If you win, congrats on your new classification! (If you don't, you can delete your game to save face or leave it if it's funny.)

Click here for detailed instructions.

More on How to Play LevelUp

Abbreviated Instructions

  1. Set up a camera to livestream your game, and a tablet to display the score
  2. Throw 8 bags from one end, as two sets of 4, one set from each side.
  3. Tally your "against the ghost" score for that frame
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Here's a video of Scoreholio's Ben Budhu walking you through the similar, but more complicated, thing for their Streamholio format. This is more than you need to know, but a good walkthrough that should be helpful.

Complete Step-by-Step Instructions

What You’ll Need

  • 1 set of boards (must be tournament regulation)
  • 2 sets of bags (can be two different brands/models if you want)
  • 1 cell phone for live streaming your own game (make sure it's charged!)
  • 1 tablet, phone or laptop To use as a streamholio.com live scoreboard (charge it too!)
  • A way to mount your cell phone used for live streaming (see guidelines below)
  • A tape measure to demonstrate 27' between boards. (you can run a 25 footer from one end and a shorter one from the other end, showing the TD that your boards are 2' longer than the 25' tape's length)

How to Set Up for a Tournament

  1. Be Ready to Demonstrate Distance: You will be required to show that your boards are 27’ apart, so extend a tape measure on the ground so you can show everyone on the live stream at the beginning of the tournament.
  2. Set Up Your Streaming Device: Mount the device you’ll use to stream your game directly behind and above one board. The field of view needs to include the entire surface of the board, the entire length of the court, and the scoreboard. Make sure the microphone and speaker are unobstructed so everybody can hear you celebrate big shots and swear at bad ones. Horizontal/landscape mode generally yields better views. Here's a great example of an ideal setup, with the only nitpick being glare on the scoreboard.
  3. Set Up Your Scoreboard: To display your scoring, you’ll fire up a Streamholio free play scoreboard.

Game Play

  1. Throw the first set of 4 bags from one side of the board.
  2. Step to the other side of the board, and throw the second set of 4 bags
  3. Record the points you scored against or gave up to the ghost.
  4. Walk to the far board and repeat that process.
  5. Rinse and repeat until you or the ghost scores 21.