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Weekend Update – 10/05/2020 WOW – Loads of activity lately which has had our crack staff checking out videos from all over the country! Before I start the recap, I have a HUGE favor to ask – please, please, please tag me or DM me if you WIN your Ghost game and always put the details of your game in the description. Too much info is MUCH better than not enough. There were at least eleven updates to the Board that I could find so if I screwed up, which is VERY likely, please reach out.

First timers:

  • Charles Arrants from somewhere in South Carolina got on the Board at Level X.
  • AM A M Mac from somewhere in West Virginia also started his trek up the Board at Level X.
  • Justin Ivey from Calhoun, Georgia took out two Ghosts to start out at Level XI.
  • Darren Hill from Dallas, Georgia beat up on a pair of Ghosts and is at Level XII.
  • John Fesmire from Erie, Pennsylvania beat up on a tough Ghost and is perched at Level XV.
  • Diane Welch Lander from somewhere in Delaware battled with a tough Ghost and won to achieve Level XVI.
  • Mario Estrada “Doin Work” from Idaho Falls, Idaho took on a small army of Ghosts over the weekend and he zoomed up the Board to Level XVIII as a result.

Level Ups

I think we had four guys Level Up

  • Albert Caraballo to Level XV
  • James Tooley to Level XV
  • Tommy Aldridge to Level XVII

Preston Peacock Second to 21!

Tony Smith now has some company! Preston Peacock has put Flower Mound, Texas on the Level Up map by becoming
only the second player to reach the lofty heights of Level XXI! Preston just posted a two part video that shows what a sharp shooter he is.
Ghost 21 went down on only his third try. Who is this kid?? Great job Preston!
Now will this get Tony back in the game? Will the newly minted ACL pro want his name alone at the top of the Board? If he does, then he will have to take down a horrifying Ghost who is talking some major crap. Ghost 22 is one cocky beast!


That’s it for now Level Uppers. Stay safe everyone, or should I say Stay Safe y’all.