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Another Special Announcement as the Maineiac is Back on the Ghost Attack

John Clark has been going to war with Ghost 21 for a long time and suffered a gut-wrenching defeat after clawing his way back from a 20 – 9 deficit to tie the Ghost at 20. So, you are asking yourself why is he mentioning a loss? Because it is simply the beginning of the story as the Maineiac sucked it up for another game and now joins Tony Smith and Preston Peacock on a suddenly crowded Level XXI. The video is definitely worth a watch!

Now onto regularly scheduled programming…….

We have six first timers on the Board. 

  • Congrats to Eddie Vessel from Fremont, California who jumps on the Board at Level XI.
  • Next we have Oscar Vessel from Prineville, Oregon who beat the Ghost to get to Level XII.
  • John Mahoney who is currently residing in Raymond, New Hampshire beat down the Ghost and is sitting pretty at Level XII.
  • Next up is Margeaux Mutz from Tallahassee, Florida who beat up on a trio of Ghosts on the way to Level XIV.
  • Kevin Worrellll from Mount Airy, North Carolina makes his initial appearance on the Board at Level XVI after taking out a pair of Ghosts.
  • The final newcomer is Paul T Crusan from Lakeville, Minnesota who was able to fit in some games before a weekend tournament and was able to achieve Level XVII.

Level Ups 

  • Justin Ivey to Level XII
  • Darren Hill to Level XIII

I anticipate a busy weekend in Level Up land so stay safe out there!