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These bags have everything you like about dual sided bags but solve all of the problems that stick side bag players run into! Easy to control on the stick side but also easy to push! Clogging of the hole will also become a thing of the past with the patented design on these bad boys!
Our GameChangers feature the Cornhole Central logo on a sweet “hexagonal swirl” background that subliminally reminds you to keep that bag spinning, and you can also get them with the Scoreholio logo. Either way, they’re approved for ACL competition and ESPN broadcast!

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in

20 reviews for GameChanger Cornhole Bags (4)

  1. Gregor

    I love these bags. They are great!

  2. Mack D

    Can’t beat the bag, only the player

  3. Ben budhu

    Love the logo and design

  4. John

    Great bags! That design is 🔥👍🏻

  5. Alex M

    I love these bags. I have used them multiple times, just the right amount of slick and stick for me! Totally recommend them.

  6. Ken A

    Love game changers!

  7. Kim Hefner

    Love the game changer bags. The new design and logo are awesome

  8. Greg

    These are super fast and fall in the hole easily. Not great for players who like to block (too easy to push in) and I have seen them stop and then slide down and off the boards on really dry days.

  9. Cameron Dumas

    You cannot ask for a better bag. The control the two fabrics provides is unmatched. Looking for a shoot out? Throw that slick and these bags will pour in the hole. Playing chess while the other side plays checkers? Thow that stick and mess with their flow! They play well out of the box but after a few games, they are like butter:) Get some and never look back!

  10. Frank in Bama

    The Gamechanger was the first bag I played when I got into tournament cornhole.. The GC is hole friendly out of the package and gets even better after playing them.. The patch side does not kick like some other “stick & slick” bags… in my opinion it will fit anyone’s game from beginner to Pro… A real hole hunter.

  11. Jim DeMello Jr

    These bags changed the cornhole world forever when they came out… Ever since, all other manufacturers have scrambled to compete. Their nickname quickly became “Chester bags” because the were hole hunters. The ability to block is still there with patch side, and the fast side can get after it. Speed for days. Squeeze into the tightest lanes, split the hardest t pair blocking the hole… An outstanding design and material. They at Allcornhole really hit the nail on the head wit this one. Truly makes the average player better and the good player great! Great product, highly recommend.

  12. Dave Rohrbaugh

    These are great bags. Friendly around the hole. But can still use them for blocking.

  13. Chris W

    Awesome bags!!!! This is def my go to bags. Really fast on slick side and still pretty fast on patch side. Perfect amount of stick and slick!

  14. John Brown

    Bags look amazing.

  15. Jim

    I’m still kinda new at this here game, 9 months in.. thought my 12.00 set from big 5 were the bomb.. Then one day I tried GC’s! I have tried about everything else.. I always come back to Game Changers, love that slither effect. Great site here, keep up the great work.

  16. Eric

    LOVE the logo on these. I have seen lots of Game Changers out there and this is one of my favorite designs.
    Bags themselves are very floppy around the hole. So if you can get them close…the bags will take care of the rest!

  17. Gerry Loeffler

    Love the game changer just enough stick on slow side very hole friendly

  18. Kenneth vollor

    Love the new design of the bags and also how they work on the boards

  19. Joshua Thomas

    These bags can’t be beat , once they are broken in the are unstoppable, they are definitely hole magnets and slide in like butter , i personally have pulled off some shots I would have never been able to do with other bags. The small patch still gives you the freedom to block , but with no kickback of traditional stick and slick bags , also it’s very easy to push your block unlike the traditional stick and slick also. The speed is just perfect for me on the fast side and the patch side is wonderfully , I really have not found a more well rounded bag , these are truly game changers in my opinion. I have thorn these bags for a year and a half and never will go back. I would definitely recommend getting a set , practicing with then and this will for sure bring your game to the next level , you will be amazed , and you will not be disappointed,

  20. Scott (verified owner)

    Very well made bags. The reason for the four star rating is because I don’t find the sticky side to stick. Is there a break in period for these. To me that sounds silly but who knows. Other then not being ng sticky enough for me they are a wonderful set of bags. Hope someone has an answer for me.

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