Scoreholio is a free app that makes cornhole more fun for everyone -- players, fans and tournament directors. For casual players, Scoreholio provides a digital scoreboard you can use at your backyard BBQs and tailgates. It’s real power, however, is how much easier Scoreholio makes it to run cornhole leagues and tournaments.

Scoreholio automates brackets and round robin play, lets players know when they’re up on which court, and provides real-time scores and results in the app and on an event dashboard in real-time. To learn more about what Scoreholio can do for you read on, check out their Facebook page, web site, especially the FAQ, and/or join their active user group.

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Scan-based Checkin

Check players in in just seconds, with a quick scan of their smartphone. Once checked in they’ll get alerts that let them know when they’re up, report their results, etc.

Interactive Digital Scoreboards

Every court features a colorful digital scoreboard. As players enter points they’re updated in the app and a dashboard, if the director sets on up. When the game is over, Scoreholio will automatically assign the next players or teams to play on that court.

Colorful Real-Time Dashboard

Everybody can see who’s playing and how everybody is doing via the app itself, and most organizers display the dashboard on a TV or projected screen, where it makes a great focal point for your event.

Standalone or Playoff Brackets

You can run your tournament as a single or double elimination bracket, or kick things off with a round robin. If you do that, Scoreholio automatically generates a seeded playoff bracket according to those results, assigns teams to courts, and away they go.

Real-Time Alerts

Scoreholio alerts players so they know when they’re up on which court, and congratulates or razzes them based on how they do after each game. You can also send custom alerts that notify everybody about playoffs starting up, offer special promotions, thank sponsors, etc.

Automatic Scoreboard for Live Streams

Scoreholio provides a widget that automatically displays a court’s score in real-time as part of any OBS-based livestream.