Cornhole in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a rapidly growing cornhole scene. Here's everything you need to know if you live in or are going to visit the SF bay area and want to throw bags.

Cornhole Clubs in the Bay Area

West Coast Cornhole is the grandaddy of the bay area cornhole scene, run in Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek by two guys who've done as much as anybody to grow the game in California as anybody: Ron Stokes and Ken Jones.

North across the water in Vallejo, the new kid on the block North Bay Elite Cornhole has quickly grown into an extremely active club that not only runs a weekly blind draw but co-hosts ACL regionals with West Coast.

Down the east bay in Pleasanton, Pacific Coast Cornhole has been a solid presence in Pleasanton for several years. Heading south from there Hollywood Cornhole does its things in Milpitas (it's named after the nickname of the guy who runs it, not the city...) and further south than that you'll find Silicon Valley Cornhole down in San Jose.

Surprisingly, there's no organized cornhole in San Francisco, or anywhere on the peninsula between there and San Jose.

Cornhole Tournaments in the Bay Area

Every Tuesday, West Coast Cornhole runs a weekly blind draw at the Winslow Center in Pleasant Hill that's open to anybody. Wednesday the action shifts to the south bay where both Pacific Coast and Silicon Valley run Switcholio tournaments, then on Thursdays things move north again to Vallejo where North Bay Elite runs a blind draw of their own.

Pacific Coast also runs a monthly "First Friday" tournament, and occasionally double up by running a Thursday thing in Livermore. Hollywood Cornhole has been running Switcholio blind draws on Tuesday nights at Big Al's in Milpitas.

As far as ACL/ACO sanctioned tournaments, West Coast and North Bay Elite team up to host an ACL regional every month at Napa Smith Brewery in Vallejo.

Bars with Cornhole Boards in the Bay Area

Cornhole has only just become popular in California, but a growing number of bars and restaurants are adding equipment that people can play on any time.

This information comes from Greg Barr, who founded and runs not only Cornhole Central itself, but Silicon Valley Cornhole in San Jose. If you have any questions about the bay area cornhole scene, hit him up!