If you don't know TikTok, ask your kids. It's a social media platform that consists exclusively of very short (one minute max) video clips. You can learn more here, (and about some controversy here), but all you really need to know is it's insanely popular with over 120 million users in America and over 800 million around the world.

As with Twitter, TikTok users with similar interests like to consider themselves part of communities like "Woodworking TikTok" and "Space TikTok." By posting creative, funny and informative cornhole content on the platform, the folks below are creating "Cornhole TikTok" and giving the game great fun exposure to new fans of all ages.

If you're on the platform, show some support by watching a couple of their videos and following them. And if you know of any other bag-tossing TikTokkers let us know so we can add them!

Jay Corley: @JayCorleyCornhole

Jay is a top ACL pro and has the biggest TikTok following we know of with other 400,000 followers.

Whittney Martinez: @WhittMart

Whittney Martinez is a competitive cornhole player who helped found and run Grand Valley Cornhole in western Colorado. In addition to being a badass bagger, Whittney cranks out some really clever cornhole content on TikTok.

She downloaded TikTok in April 2020 looking for a break from the news cycle, despite thinking it was only for kids. She grew addicted to it because the content was funny, relatable, and usually not political at all, so she started making random videos until I was inspired by a “level up” video made by Miguel Villa (See below!).

"I made one like it and realized I had fun making cornhole related TikToks because cornhole is what I love to do. So it felt natural to make them. I made a few before one video went viral. That video is my most popular and was posted on July 10th. It was of me showing different cornhole shots and what my friends and I call them. It has 4.9 million views right now."

What's Whittney's not-so-secret secret?

"I enjoy making funny cornhole TikToks, to show my personality. Being authentic is the most important thing I keep in mind when making my videos."

Tre Davis, @tredavis2324

Tre Davis runs Crush City Cornhole in Houston, and decided to starting a TikTok channel because he loves the game and felt like a lot of the trends can be tied in to cornhole to create comedy for the game.

His most popular video is him airmailing over a stack of 16 bags and his favorite to make was his unique take on Whittney's viral video mentioned above, because it took the most creative editing and was the first video of his that got pushed out to the public, so it was kind of a breakthrough for him.

Washed Up Warrior, @washedupwarrior

You've already seen one of Washed Up Warrior's TikTok's, because it gained some viral fame far beyond TikTok land. It was viewed over twenty million times across TikTok, Facebook and all of the other major social networks, and featured by SI, ESPN and more. Four bagger into a board on top of a minivan as it's driving away...ring a bell? It's got a quarter-million views, and one of the ones I've seen most outside of TikTok.

He's no one-trick pony though, over 7,500 people follow him to see his amazeballs trick shots and oddly compelling reversed videos like this.

Miguel Villa, @mikec1280

Miguel Villa started TikTokking late last year but didn't really start posting a lot until we went on lockdown. He says he wanted to expand his cornhole content outside his signature "throw videos," and thought TikTok was the perfect platform to do it on.
We asked him about his favorite and most popular videos...

"My video with the most views is my friend Tyler Bockholdt hitting an airmail over bags. He cranks out his own cornhole content, and one of his videos has over 1 million views on TikTok. My 2 favorite videos are "Choose your Cornhole Character," and one I recently did about the different people you run into at Cornhole tournaments."

Who's his favorite TikTokker? None other than the queen herself...

"Whitney Martinez hands down she is killing it! She jumps on trends faster than I can even think of a way to make it Cornhole related her personally and videos are amazing... and for her to get 3rd at Worlds makes it that much better!"

John Clark, @clarkie2781

John Clark is an ACL professional cornhole player from Maine, who runs Maineacs Cornhole.

"I only set up an account because my kid asked me to so she could see her little friends (ed: Ok, John, if you say so...) since we haven’t allowed her to get a phone yet. We’ve been recording for ghost games and while working on things like the roll shot anyway, so I tried a couple to promote friends bags and made some simple ones, with my nine year old editing and adding some music."

John's most watched video is this one of he and a friend draining 7/8 airmails (plus a drag of the 8th for the double four bagger!) right over a brave volunteer's head.

John's favorite cornhole TikTokker is "The Washed Up Warrior" who he enjoys for his skills and creativity, and he enjoys Miguel Villa for his humor. He mimics players throws and created a video game character selector which is out of this world.

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