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  • Gary Farren
    2 months ago

    Like I have told Mr. King… “I hate braggin’ on Draggin’s, cuz I don’t like letting the secret out. It’s just too hard not to!” I think what I like most about Draggin’s and it doesn’t matter what series, they feel the same in your hand. Material texture changes, but the “feel” is consistent. I would recommend Bytes as a “beginner” bag, but why not be prepared for all conditions and differing board speeds with a Draggin’ Battle Box? #teamdraggin…

  • Nik Howell
    2 months ago

    The Draggin’ Bags DNA series is certainly one to turn heads. 🧬🔥🧬 One of the coolest looking non-custom bags on the market! They are a controlled slide on the DNA material and a touch faster on the Draggin side. After breaking in it’s a pretty loose bag that won’t clog the hole but not overly floppy. Doesn’t kick and plays well in most conditions. A good add to any arsenal!

  • The Voice
    2 months ago

    The inferno’s are one my favorite bags. They play great in all conditions and the bag art is the best on the market. Don’t miss the hole…Draggin bags always find their home!!!

  • Reggie Reicks
    2 months ago

    I am a Draggin Bags representative from Iowa. I have been with team Draggin since Mad e king sold razor to Kip Leach and embarked on this journey.

    Every series in the Draggin lineup has some of the coolest artwork for non custom bags! Draggin Bags have different bags for all different skill levels in all playing conditions including rain. There are three series of your classic stop and go bags. All contain a classic suede. Byte (slowest), heart (most forgiving, and copy of the original razor sharp), and glyde (lightening fast). Then there are three series of all go bags. Terror, the fastest of the bunch. The bag to go to if things get really humid and sticky and or if you have to play in the rain. 🌧️ DNA’s 🧬 have a slow side (genetic material) and a lil less slow side. (great transition bag from someone who depends on a suede to get it to stop). Lastly the Inferno 🔥 these are by far my most favorite bag in the lineup. In my mind that they provide the most versatility. You can block with the slow side down, but still have the ability to push through it pretty easily. This bag breaks in the best of them all. 💪

    These bags have the best construction in the game. Nice rounded corners and at a weght of 444 grams. Makes for a little bit if flop and flexibility but does not flatten out like a pillow case like other bags on the market.

    (RNA) coming in the near future. (Genetic material paired with the fast side of the heart series). This bag is going to be one tough cookie to compete with. (I have a set and helped with the research and development on this bag). My prediction THIS WILL BE HIS MOST POPULAR BAG ONCE IT HITS THE MARKET AND PEOPLE SEE HOW UNGOLDY GOOD IT IS!
    There is ☝️other bag in the works but I’m sworn to secrecy by the Bagsmith 🤫
    #teamdraggin #incineratethecompetition #winningisgenetic

  • Nightowlv
    2 months ago

    I’ve been searching for the best bag for my throw. I’ve thrown/bought many different bags, read countless reviews for different bags that I would most likely like (I love a fast bag) and bought most of them before settling on vipers, the staple GC and loosey-x. Then I threw against infernos. Guy throwing is same speed as me but he whooped me. I was throwing strong so it wasn’t me. He was getting crazy pushes, blocks, roll overs- you name it, I was trying anything and not succeeding. So I bought some. Amazed. I can throw these on fast boards, sticky boards, rain, sun.. you name it! These move on the stickiest boards that cause GC and vipers to roll. I’m disappointed I didn’t find these sooner bc draggin bags are bags guys throw here. Great bag!

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